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Welcome to The Whole Child, a blog about nurturing wholeness in children and making space for them to safely express their full authentic selves.

Who am I?

I am a mother, an educator, and an advocate for children’s rights. I believe strongly in every child’s right to a whole childhood.

Who is the Whole Child?

There are many dimensions to wholeness, and although there is no single formula for getting it right, what is most important is the willingness to try to get there, as best we can.  The concept of the whole child calls us to see all of who our children are, and to help them remain whole. It is a concept deeply invested in every child’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

When Children are Seen
When we choose to see children through the lens of wholeness, we choose to acknowledge and celebrate all of who they are.  We recognize them as extraordinary human beings, with rights all their own.  We create space for them to be, and to become, their full and authentic selves. We enable childhood to be a safe, joyful and exploratory time. We commit to being our best selves in our care for them.
Is this Blog Tied to a Specific Philosophy?

I write both from my experience and from my heart, as well as from my research and knowledge. I resonate with a range of approaches, including the work of the Neufeld Institute on attachment and relational development,  Peter Levine on healing trauma through somatic experiencing , and emerging research on children’s right to do risky play. As an educator I am inspired by the work of Alfie Kohn and bell hooks.

My Approach

I read and learn constantly, and grow daily from my experience and those of the other parents and educators in my life.

I share stories, anecdotes and musings from my own journey with my daughter. I reflect on what I learn from my work as an educator as well as my research and attendance at various workshops and conferences. I invite guest bloggers to contribute their perspectives on nurturing wholeness in our children. I invite constructive and helpful comments and conversation.

This blog celebrates children and childhood and is a love song to bothme and k